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Fixed Income





AGILE is a full-service platform for managing your investment portfolio with Marex Financial Products. Built using cutting edge technology, and delivered to you as part of our comprehensive investment solutions offering.

As a specialist manufacturer and service provider of tailored risk management and investment solutions, our technology platform ensures clients and partners enjoy full transparency and control throughout the investment life-cycle.


The AGILE platform gives you a powerful set of tools to manage your investment life-cycle.


Explore and price new trade ideas in real-time. Execute at your desired level. Monitor your investment portfolio and perform complex scenario analysis on your portfolio.


Save time on your investment activity.


By having everything you need to manage your investment portfolio in one place allows you to react as quickly as possible, with full knowledge of how your portfolio will perform.

Manage your investment life-cycle, from pricing to analysis to a full transaction history, all in one platform.


We believe that as the industry matures clients will come to expect full transparency on their investment portfolio.

We deliver on this belief by giving you complete visibility of how your portfolio will evolve under various market conditions. 

AGILE gives you total transparency on your investments by putting you in control of your analysis.

Service. Flexibility. Transparency.

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