London City

Our Product Offering

  • We have developed a fully customisable range of solutions to serve
    the crypto industry

  • We act as principal and are the only counterparty on all OTC trades.
    Marex Financial is the issuer of all structured notes.


Vanilla Options

  • Vanilla payoff on BTC/ETH and major alts, OTC or ISIN wrapped

  • Volatility can be traded as a stand-alone asset, delta exchange is an option

  • Guarantee of a stable, FCA regulated and S&P rated counterparty for all trades 

Commercial Buildings


Yield Enhancement

  • Clients receive a larger coupon in a low interest rate environment if the market remains sideways or rallies

  • Clients risk some capital if the market falls below a certain level

  • Used by clients with excess of cash seeking yield and who do not believe the market will fall below a specified level



  • Access to the performance of an underlying or a basket of underlyings through one simple security

  • Client exposed 1:1 to the underlying on the upside and the downside


Capital Protection

  • At maturity, principal returned plus the growth of a chosen underlying asset (subject to issuer risk)

  • Used by risk averse clients looking to gain exposure to the market


Revenues Optimisation

  • Solutions for miners looking to protect their bitcoin inventories

  • Bitcoin production costs coverage

  • Inventory rebuilding solutions

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