We have seen many industries completely disrupted by the introduction of technology. The traditional players have been replaced by younger companies reinventing old methods in a digital world

Under the surface, investment banking has been slow to benefit from this technological revolution due to their legacy of technical debt

AGILE, our proprietary risk management application, is disrupting the corporate hedging market and following its success we are now bringing this approach to the Structured Investment Product world

The AGILE Platform

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Leveraging technology that did not exist even 2 years ago, we were able to use our extensive industry experience to build what we believe to be the world’s best platform for structured investment products.

Our technology will drive down the cost of producing investment products while improving service levels in the industry. For example, we launched the world’s first structured investment product to be transacted, issued and settled via a block-chain. We showed we could reduce cost, increase security and speed up trade settlement from days to minutes.

We place an equal focus on pre-trade and after sales service. Transparency and control in product customisation with unparalleled post-trade portfolio analytics.

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