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Marex Financial is an issuer of structured products and part of the Marex Spectron group, a leading global commodities house founded in 2005, which operates out of 13 offices worldwide, with over 750 employees in Europe, North America and Asia.

Marex Financial Products has developed a fully customisable derivative solutions service. It is uniquely positioned through its tailored cross asset business, allowing to provide our clients a large choice for diversification to meet their needs and investment objectives.

Our highly dedicated team of experts can show competitive pricing levels backed by an investment grade rated and an international corporate group.


Investment Grade 

Rating (BBB S&P)


2.6 Billion USD

Balance sheet


CET 1 Ratio

of 17.60%


750 employees in

13 locations


Competitive Pricing

  • Our cutting-edge cross-asset platform can price any product on virtually any underlying from Apple to Zinc

  • We are passing our lower cost of production and fair funding levels on to our clients. We believe in fairness, consistency and transparency

  • We provide a highly liquid secondary market for our products.

Disruptive Technology

  • Our manufacturing platform uses state of the art technology resulting in lower cost, greater flexibility and fast track on-boarding

  • We have already created the world’s first structured investment product to be transacted via block-chain completely outside of the banking system

  • We are making structured investment products cheaper, faster, safer and more transparent


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